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Wedcell is one of the top and best event company as well as institute in India. It’s headquartered in “Delhi”, where the first branch of institute got opened in “2015”, which runs institute as well as it provides online platform to plan your events whether it is social or corporate. It has four branches and are targeting to open more branches. There are very less or few company which runs institute as well as provides online platform to plan your any special occasion. It provides top venders and venues for your special occasions and also gives wider range of venders and venues with listed price so that you can choose according to your affordability. It also provides internships and gives 100% scholarship to poor and needy people, which is the best part of this institute. It has their own occasion planning app listing each and everything you need to have on your occasion or event.


Wedcell institute have four branches namely in “Delhi, Noida, Patna and Ranchi” and now it is targeting to set up new branches in “Raipur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Agra” because theses are the places where growth of each and every industry is at best level. And talking about event institute, it has more growth in upcoming future then now because nothing is possible until we had good feedback after any type of occasions, which is possible only because of experienced and knowledgeable person from event background. It has best faculty members who are highly qualified as well as experienced to guide their students throughout their entire journey in the institute even they guide you throughout your entire process involved to take placements in top companies as this institute has tie ups from many top event companies, who comes to the institute for hiring best and knowledgeable candidates.


Wedcell institute provides many courses namely:

  • Diploma in event management
  • Diploma in international event management
  • Diploma in wedding planning
  • Advance diploma in wedding planning
  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • Three-month certification course in digital marketing and

• Six-month certification course in digital marketing

They might come with new courses in up coming future which will also help students to get more career opportunities in the field of event management. Wedcell provides all these courses to their respective students. They have highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers. They also provide demo class to the students who are going to take admission in their institute, which is the best part to be appreciated because only some of the institute provides the facility of demo class.


Nothing matters more than better and best environment because students are more comfortable to adapt each and every situation if the environment is good. So, Wedcell institute has best environment for studying as they believe in friendly and comfortable environment for their students. Students are easier to be controlled if you have made them comfortable with you. Once, the students get comfortable with the faculties then they feel free to ask and share each and every thing without hesitation and when they start asking you each and every thing, it helps to give better result.


As we know in today’s world many children’s have to work instead of studying as they cannot afford today’s expensiveness. Poor people have to kill their dreams and work to live survive in this world. Even if they want to study, they cannot because they don’t have money to eat then from where they will get money to study. As now education sector has become very expensive than anything else and not each and every class people can afford it. So, Wedcell institute provides 100% scholarship to poor and needy students which will help them to fly and make their future better. 100% scholarship is the best facility anyone can get in a private institute because very fewer private institutes provide such kind of facilities.


After completing a particular course from Wedcell institute, it also provides a placement facility to their students in the top companies because they have tie ups with many top event companies, which is not very easy for all to make tie ups with top companies. They help their students to get placed in best company according to their hard work and efforts they have put in their entire journey in the institute. Placement is the key point for almost every student which they look while searching for any institute, college or universities because it makes no sense to invest more and more in education if you are not getting better future results from it.

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