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How to become Event Manager



We all have gone through this, that for an individual how tough and stressful it’s to plan an event, one has to visit merchandisersnegotiate, and numerous further stuffs to doliabilities which is tiring and time taking.

So Mr Dixit came up with an amazing idea to plan and execute your events with the help of experts in a hassle free way at your convenience and introduced WedCell to the event assiduity.

WedCell is one of the India’s first online event planning platform and institution you could find on Google, having 5- star conditions and maximum guests positive reviews.

WedCell Events PVTLTD. was innovated on 2015 by Mr Shanteshwar Dixit( CEO & Author of WedCell group), they’ve been working with platoon of business professionals having experience of further than 10 times in the event assiduity.

Its the stylish place where you can plan and execute your marriage, birthday parties, anniversary and indeed commercial events like product launchesconferenceforum, tradeshows and numerous further affiliated to commercial assiduity.

the stylish part is that you can arrange every thing like dinnersshutterbugsmakeup artists, DJ, caterers, decorations and numerous further effects at your cutlet tips by just a single click, at your stylish price.

WedCell Events leaving eternal print in the heart and mind of guests as well as guests they provides a one stop result for all types of events, till now they’ve served further than 20,000 happy guests, 25,000 hospices on board, 10,000 event company’s working with WedCell, 20,000 merchandisers associated with it, in simple words “ WedCell is too vast ”.

For any backing or for planning purpose you can indeed directly talk to the planning experts face to face alsohaving branches at different locales in India like New Delhi, Noida, Patna, Ranchi, and some forthcoming branches at Raipur, Jaipur, Kolkata and Agra.

WedCell Institute of Event Management

WedCell is contributing in creating a new generation of event labor force with Wedcell Institute of Event Management, the affair is prepped event organisers of future. It provides the stylish in- class education with live practical classes and especially designed theoretical classes which helps the scholars to learn in a fast pace, having the stylish preceptors who acquire expansive experience and moxie in their sluice.

The institution provides different courses like

Parchment in Event Management

Parchment in International Event Management

Parchment in Wedding Planning

Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning

Parchment in Digital Marketing

Three- month instrument in Digital Marketing

Six month instrument course in Digital Marketing

Event operation

Event operation is generally used in the creation and development of small or large– scale particular or business events similar as carnivalsconferencesobservancesmarriagesformal partiesmusicales, or conventions. WedCell’s tutoring structure is designed in such a way that it helps scholars to grow, as well as the strong assiduity approach of institute attendants and assists scholars to form their own event operation company.

marriage Diary

marriage diary is a specialist in designingplanning, and prosecution of their marriagemarriages are the special occasions in people’s life, and as a resultnumerous couples are willing to spend a significant sum of plutocrat to insure that their marriages are well– planned and memorablecourses like “ Diploma in Wedding Planning/ Advanced Diploma in Wedding Planning ” helps you to gain moxie in this particular field.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that’s performed using internet and online- grounded platforms to announce products and services to promote or announce products and services, You can learn all these chops then with live systems under the guidance of trainers who’s having experience of further than 12 times.

Web Designing

In creating and operation of websites, Web graphic designstoner interface design, authorship, including standardised law and personal software, stoner experience design, and search machine optimization are some of the different aspects of web layout, and WedCell helps you gain moxie in all these chops.

Wedcell provides Digital Marketing services

Social Media Marketing

Hunt Machine Optimization

You Tube Marketing

Google Map Marketing

Google announcement/ PPC

Content Writing

plates developer

Video Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Dispatch Marketing

Text Marketing


Wedcell delivers world– class education to scholars with maximum practical classes which helps scholars to understand better and set a standard in the assiduity, with guaranteed 100 placement in reputed event and marriage operation assiduity. Wedcell indeed provides 100 education to the demanded bones , They also provides paid externships.

Some placements tie ups like

marriage Asia


marriage Sutra

marriage line

Wed About

Star Event



Vision of Wedcell

Institute to be honored encyclopedically

produce the stylish future event organizers

To come the Indias first institute to give free education to the demanded scholars

still, Digital Marketing or planning to make career in this assiduity, I suggest you to visit WedCell institute first, If you’re planning to join Event Industry.

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