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5 C’s of Event Management

5 C’s of Event Management

Are you someone who always finds creative ways to do things?Someone who looks for even the smallest details and wants everything perfect, then taking a career as event management can be a boon for you. Event Management in India has a great scope as a career as such industries are one of the fastest-growing industries in India.


Whether we talk of India or Abroad, there are thousands of festivities that means a number of events out of which there are many which area needed to be professionally handled. When we talk of the events organised by industries, they specially require event managers and with increasing industrialisation their need and demand is also increasing. From corporate seminars to diplomatic talks, and from regional fairs to weddings, event management companies plan and organize events of all sorts. 


If you need to succeed in event management then you should know what you are doing and for this you need to be familiar with the 5 C’s of event management  which are taught in your event management course.

  • Concept:

The first and the foremost thing an event planner needs to think of is the concept that is how he wants his event to look like. For this he should think of the event he attended and that had an everlasting effect on his mind because this is something an event planner wants, that is the audience should always remember the event he planned. An event planner needs to first think of why he is planning the event and what its purpose is. Sometimes the event is for fun or entertainment; sometimes it’s for promoting a brand, sometimes for charity purposes to raise funds and sometimes to just celebrate something. 

So the main thing that is needed to be searched for before planning an event is to look for that ‘why’ of organising the event. 

He also has to finalise the venue.

  • Coordination:

The next step after having a concept is coordination. This includes thinking of a theme or an idea because once you have a theme, you can actually think of the venue, décor and other required things like speakers, lights, and other equipment.

Other effects that you need to coordinate is to fix the venue as per your date, flashing your event to reach out to your target followership. This is also the step when you delegate tasks to your platoon members. Among these tasks will include reaching out to speakers and players. Other tasks will include purchasing or renting the needed technology and outfit. You may wish to ask your platoon members to coordinate transportation, catering, and marketing.

  • Control:

This is a commodity which is either the most overlooked or neglected thing in an event.

You need to make sure that everything is going easily. Check the venue if it has enough space for your followership count. You need to be prepared for numerous effects beforehand. That’s you need to be ready with planB. Suppose if caterers have any issue, if lights aren’t proper, if sound system isn’t applicable and most importantly if budget is running low. Make sure to always consider what the worst- case scenario will be so that you can always be on top of your event.


To plan events you can do event management courses and there are many event management colleges in india.

  • Culminations

It’s the day of the event, when the event takes place. On this day you and your whole platoon need to be super active and be apprehensive of everything going around. As the event is progressing, you have to make sure the diary is continuously beingfollowed.However, you have to make sure the alternate pantomime is ready for their performance, If one pantomime is performing. In short, you need to always be alert at all times during the event.

  • Closeout:

Once the event is completed, there is still much work left to be done. These are to make sure all the payments are done, contracts are terminated and you also want to give feedback to your team. If your team  did a job as you expect them to work, then let them know. If there were any issues. Make sure you also ask them for feedback on how you fared as an event director.

You should also reach out to your attendees and ask them for feedback on the event and if their response is positive then your event operation course is a boon for you.


Event Management is a profession which is full of content and satisfaction. It includes all aspects right from creativity, handling stressed conditions, negotiating and many others. One can definitely consider this career. Event Management Degree or a diploma in event management is a good way to reach out for your dreams.

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